Smart Appliances

Intelligent and Efficient Appliances


Seamlessly control virtually all appliances in your home using a single remote. With the way our automation is set up, the possibilities are endless. You could set your TV and Fridge to come on as soon as you walk in the house while turning on the Air Conditioner in the room without lifting a finger.

Automate the operations of your gym chair, massage chairs and other equipment to make the workout process easier.

Controlled Climate

Overcome the extreme heat and cold weather with thermostats and other temperature-controlling appliances.


Attain the power to communicate and interact with anyone around the house without yelling or picking up a phone. Create a one-way or two-way communication pattern between several parts of the house.


You never have to worry about cleaning ever again by getting the cleaning AI robot. All you would have to do is to give the command, and these robots would get to sweeping, sanitizing, and mopping any selected area in your house.

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