We understand how difficult it is to operate appliances and keep them on/off due to the busy lifestyles we all lead now. A lot of technological innovation has been made to make people’s lives feel easier, and we strongly believe in the cause.

We are a home automation company that allows you to control ALL your appliances at the push of a button, no matter where you are.


We are a set of individuals prepared to make life easier for Nigerians nationwide.

Change Live To The Best

We plan to have most of the world’s population and homes using affordable automation conveniently. To that end, we have created affordable automation to delegate repetitive tasks to AI.

Start With A Vision

Want something automated? We got you. All you have to do is to paint us a picture and show us your vision, and you can get exactly what you want. 

Convenient Automation

There’s no rule that says automation has to be complicated. All our automation is pretty user-friendly and simple to use.

Education & Upgrowth

We also provide training programs to educate you on the importance of automation and teach you how to use our different automation options.


RITZMAN Smart Home and Automation was created as a result of the need for ease, comfort and security
in our homes, most especially with the significant increase in insecurity in the country.

Another key factor
considered was the utility amount spent in total for light bills and diesel; with our smart home automations
these costs were significantly reduced by 40% due to the energy saving abilities proffered by our solution.

Our CEO, when faced with the aforementioned hassles, conceived the idea of automating his home which
has proven to be one of the best decisions, due to the ease and lack of worry when leaving his home, as
he can switch off appliances, lights, air conditioners, etc. all from his phone from a million miles away.

As aforementioned, the smart home automation gave him an avenue to monitor his light usage and keep it
to the barest minimum by switching off lights to unoccupied areas of the house. Further, with the smart
features installed in his home, the Ritzman solution has proven to be a game changer in the Nigerian
smarthome industry.


We believe in making the world a seamless automation body, one step at a time. To that end, Ritzman Smarthomes and Automations has done phenomenal work in achieving that goal.


Smart home technology generally refers to any suite of devices, appliances, or systems that connect to a common network that can be independently and remotely controlled.
When your home technology works together in one system, it can also be loosely referred to as a “connected home”.
For example, your home’s thermostat, lights, audio speakers, television, security cameras, locks, appliances, and more are all connected to a common system, which can be controlled from your smartphone or through a mobile touch screen device.

Despite the level of greatness, creativity, and cost of some top notch smart devices and technical skill involved in building your smarthome to a world class level, we at Ritzman have created a solution that will be applicable to all social classes.
To achieve this, we created customized packages tailored to meet the needs of various customers. Basically, it is not one size fits all. Our packages can be easily tailored to fit your requirements for both your budget and your house; therefore, bringing you luxury at competitive and affordable rates.

Choosing to DIY a smarthome should be a choice made by persons with smart home building background or persons choosing to go through the process of self installation, only to reach out to a smartphone pro to come save the day.
A certain percentage of our clientele is a group of people with already purchased smart home products who are hoping to handle procurement, installations and automations themselves to cut costs. These are the customers with the most difficult projects no doubt. When they finally decide to leave the strenuous and very delicate technical smart home installation to the smart home professionals, they would have already done so much damage. Expensive damage that either requires procurement of new smart devices or costs time figuring out a way out of the mess.

Living in a rented home? No worries.
Running a shortlet home? No problem.
Own a hotel or business to make smart? Perfect.
Our smart home installations are done in ways that all your smart devices, appliances and automations can be removed and moved to different locations at any time now and in the future.

No. At Ritzman, we do not need to break your walls during installation.
Unless absolutely necessary to achieve certain big time smarthome visions you have in mind, we do not need to break walls. If ever need be to break walls, it would be totally supervised and completed with extremely neat finishing.

No, the smart home voice commands are not particular to your voice only. We believe your smarthome benefits are made to be enjoyed by you and your family as a whole. But only those granted access to your registered smarthome computer devices and control screens can execute tasks in your smarthome.

Installations generally take three to four days(3-4) after procurement.

At Ritzman smarthome, a smarthome professional will be with you every step of the way to guide you and answer all your questions. All your smarthome needs will be met as the goal is to make you comfortable and well informed as you excitedly and patiently await your smart home completion.

Yes definitely, you can start your smarthome journey immediately. You can reach out to us or request a free brochure by clicking the button below.

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